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ALink’s laboratory information management system ALMS, is the most powerful tool for labs to manage complex processes, ensure regulatory compliance and promote laboratory and enterprise collaboration. ALMS is a web-based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) designed for a wide variety of laboratory environments operating in many scientific and agricultural, industrial disciplines. ALMS consolidates disparate business processes into a single, compliant platform with comprehensive reporting, surveillance and networking capabilities. The result is vastly enhanced data management and sharing-within the laboratory and across the enterprise. ALMS solutions are an ideal platform for new implementations as well as straightforward conversions of legacy systems. Recognized as future-proof investments, ALMS laboratory information management system preserves configuration efforts in all upgrades. The system supports R&D and service-oriented organizations as well as process, QA/QC and operations. ALMS is a Truly Web-based Laboratory Information Management System. ALMS was built from the ground up as an entirely web-based laboratory information management system, ALMS enhances overall operational excellence in all types of laboratories and organizations.


ALMS Solution for Agriculture

ALMS Solution for Environmental

AIMS Solution for Food and Beverage

ALMS Solution for Water and Wastewater


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