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ALink commits itself to providing purely best products in the customer-oriented field. We work on a basis of taking your demands, desires, time limit

and budgets into consideration. Our mission is to quickly and effectively deliver the most cost-effective and excellent services to you.







From a project's inception, it is important to address and establish concrete application-specific goals which are deemed critical to solving a business problem or automating a business process. ALink ensures that measurable objectives are identified and documented to represent successes in the project timeline. Of course, we understand that all projects have risks. However, through investigation and continuous observation, risks can be identified, planned for, managed and often times reduced or eliminated all together. Additionally, by creating contingency plans, ALink is able to manage risks and continue moving forward in the software development project in a proactive manner.


Consistent and quality communication of technical information is a key factor in the success of any IT/software project. Our client mentoring practices and documentation regimen ensure an accurate and detailed transfer of information to client staff members. We believe this is critical to the future success of an application, and we provide our customers with the knowledge needed to further enhance the application. In addition, we ensure that as solutions are developed and implemented, all logic and procedures are documented, distributed and reviewed in detail.


Working together with the client, we provide:

  • Effective management and control of the software development process 

  • Efficiency through coordinated application lifecycle management 

  • Real-time project coordination, communication and collaboration across distributed teams 

  • Secured digital project assets including requirements, code, tasks and plans

  • Increased business visibility into project metrics and status


We have established On-site/Off-site models for delivering services:

  • On-site Dispatch, Staffing

  • Off-site Development, Testing and Maintenance

  • Development, Testing & Maintenance 

  • On-site, Off-site Hybrid

We offer high quality service

with our outstanding expertise in:


IT Architecture, Middleware, .Net, C#, C/C++, PHP, Java/J2EE , Database, BI and DM, Network engineers, (CCNP, VMware certified), Professional Photographer and Web designer

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