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HD Video adds impact to companies' sales information and communicates directly with viewers. They show products in use, being enjoyed and endorsed. They can be delivered using a variety of methods such as Blue-ray, DVD, CD-Rom, or web streams. Footage can be adapted inexpensively for many different uses, for example at exhibitions and conferences.


These are ideal tools for communicating changes taking place within a company to staff, shareholders, local authorities, local communities, trade associations and customers. They may also supplement press packs and press releases with market commentary or third party endorsements of a new product. They are best distributed on DVDs and CD-ROMs.



Preserving your next conference, meeting or event with a HD video replica can add unsurpassed ROI to your event. The final video can be e-mailed to attendees soon afterwards to reinforce their positive experience, and can even include personal remarks from the host. A video produced in advance could be viewed at your event to add production value.


We can film and edit your training seminars into a video for distribution on the web or DVD. Existing seminars can be filmed, or one may be 'staged' for the camera. Materials such as Power Point slides or video clips which were shown during the session can be incorporated later in full quality from the original files. New material could even be created using motion graphics, adding additional value to the final product. This video can serve as a refresher for attendees or a substitute for those who could not attend, and can even be sold as a stand-alone product, increasing the ROI from your event considerably.



Professional photographs enhance your business, creative touches to promote your products and business, let professional images sell your Product & Services for you. Our creative design team will, along with your input, create dramatic images to promote your business.

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